Catamaran Fornells

Half day Catamaran trip.

Sail and discover the northern coast of Menorca by Catamaran.
Half day trip in groups of a maximun of 10 people. Our exclusive catamaran will allow you to enjoy the pleasure of sailing with no noise or polution through the northern marine reserve of Menorca. This is one of the most unspoiled and unaccessible parts of the island. Reaching these magical places is a real privilege
  • The route to be taken with the catamaran is decided by the Skipper every morning, depending on weather conditions, wind direction and intensity.

    A strong point of our company is that we want you to flow with the force of nature that is why we never do the same route, making us different to other charter companies within the island.

    In any case, the starting point is from our home port in Fornells. With 3.5 hours of sailing ahead we could sail, for example, up to Cala Pregonda as the furthest point on the west. When heading to the east side of the island we could go up to Cala Mongofre.

  • The catamaran is suitable for families, couples or singles. Its open design, surface and comfortable hammocks allow everybody on board, from babies to elderly people with reduced mobility and wheelchairs. The crew will make you feel as part of the team.

    Sailing on board an exclusive catamaran and discovering new spots will make you feel very privileged.

    If you really want to disconnect from the routines of daily life, stress and rushing around this is your opportunity. There is no other possibility but to relax and enjoy our trip.

    We will be visiting unspoiled beaches and coves, accessible only from the sea, as well as snorkeling in the calm and clear waters of the Mediterranean.

    Our philosophy aims exclusivity and that is why the groups are always small, never exceeding ten people. This concept is very significant for many of our customers, who need to disconnect from the city.

    This catamaran is unique in Menorca and is the fastest sailing vessel around giving us the opportunity of sailing with very little wind and at a good pace.

    The catamarans crew will make you feel involved and will look after you at all times.

  • Our sailing route is never the same, due to weather conditions, but we still have a minimum of guarantees:


    Guarantees :

    • The company promises to sail whenever possible (90% of the time) instead of using the engine.
    • The trip will include a visit to a minimum of one beach, cove or unspoiled spot. This number could be increased to two depending on weather conditions and clients preferences.
    • A snack is included. Drinks are all inclusive.
    • Snorkeling is included. Full equipment for snorkeling will be available for all clients.


    Please contact Reception for details.